The Madison Center | Madison's Speech Therapy Story

It’s all so vivid to me still. Our daughter, Madison, was two years old and was not talking at all; we knew something was wrong. Shortly after she was diagnosed with Apraxia, a motor planning disorder that affects speech. Immediately our primary focus turned to finding her the best treatment possible. After a lot of trial and error we thankfully were referred to the Mayo clinic and introduced to Dr. Edythe Strand an expert in apraxia whose approach involves retraining the brain.

Madison's Story

As we got to work helping Maddie we were committed to Dr. Strand’s approach to treatment and wanted to work with therapists willing to train underneath her. Frankly this ended up being a frustrating process and there were times when I left therapy in tears worried Madison was not getting the treatment she needed. That’s when we decided to start a non-profit speech therapy center focused on treating children the way Dr. Strand recommends.

I will never forget the first time Madison said mom; it was then I was sure we had done the right thing. Today thru a lot of dedication and hard work Madison is a talker, she has blossomed into a funny young lady who loves music, skiing, and hanging out with her friends. She still sees Dr. Strand as well as our therapist at the Madison Center, Natalie, who trained under her. We are so proud of Madison and it’s really because of her that we are pursuing our goal of giving children with speech and occupational disorders the best chance for successes.