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• Occupational therapy is designed to assist children in gaining the functional skills needed for independence in play, learning, motor skill development, self-care, and socialization in their home, school and the community. At The Madison Center, our holistic approach not only focuses on the child, but on the family as well, in order to ensure carryover and transfer of skills to the home and school. Interventions typically include muscle strengthening and range of motion, bilateral coordination, neuromuscular techniques, motor planning, sensory integration, visual perceptual skills, and visual motor exercises. Skills may be directly practiced, such as tying shoes, brushing hair, or writing, often with the application of adaptations or compensatory strategies.

Our clinicians take the time to look at each child individually to determine their specific therapy needs. A variety of disorders and diagnoses are treated and addressed at The Madison Center. Occupational therapy programs focus on constructing a foundation of skills that the child can build on, which foster independence and lead to a better life for both the child and his/her family. Frequently occupational therapy plans are coordinated with speech therapy in order to create a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses each child's specific needs

Developmental Coordination Disorder (Developmental motor delays)

Sensory Processing Disorder

Berard AIT

Ginny Sievers

Ginny Sievers

• OTD, OTR/L. Occupational Therapist

Education: BS in Communicative Disorders from University of Wisconsin-Madison. MA in Occupational Therapy from University of Southern California, and Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from University of Southern California.

Specialty Training: Integrated Approach to Wellness Yoga Calm certification, visual-processing therapy, self-regulation in children, Social Communication Emotional Regulation Transactional Support (SCERTS), Social Thinking™ Providers Conference presenter.

Special interests in: wellness and prevention, Zones of Regulation, self-regulation, social skills, occupational therapy education and advocacy.

Outside TMC: swimming, biking, traveling, doing anything active outside, spending time with friends, family and with her dog, Bear.


Courtney Kral

Courtney Kral

• MOT, OTR/L Occupational Therapist

Education: BS in Child Psychology from University of Minnesota, MOT in Occupational Therapy from University of Minnesota.

Specialty Training: Therapeutic Listening, Handwriting Success: Creating a Motivational Program.

Special interests in: mental health and wellness, sensory integration, motor development.

Outside TMC: spending time with family and friends, visiting her parents on the farm, volleyball, hockey, reading, making crafts.